Welcome to the Rio Vista Child Nutrition Department!
    Our goal is to feed your children the most
    nutritious and delicious meals that we can. 
    We are required to follow the National School Lunch Program and all state regulations regarding child nutrition. 
    We realize that children sometimes forget to take their lunch money to school or sometimes misplace it. Please take advantage of our new online pay system for peace of mind that your children will always have money on their accounts. You can also view their daily transactions to see where your money is going. You will need your STUDENT ID # that is located on their report card to open your account. 
    *Please note that our charge policy is 3 meal charges, and then they are offered an alternate meal of Cheese Sandwich, fruit and milk at no charge for 3 days. This is for all campuses. 
    We are pleased to offer a NEW online version for our
    *If your student/students are currently receiving free or reduced price meals they will continue to receive those at the beginning of school and for the first 30 days of the year. At that time, you will need a new application on file. Everyone is encouraged to fill out an application online, or on paper. Paper applications are available at all school offices.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Child Nutrition Director, Sherry Cochran, at 817-373-2241 ext. 260 or email her at scochran@rvisd.net.