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Superintendent's Message

I am excited to get the opportunity to lead Rio Vista ISD!  It's an honor to be a part of such a great school district that loves kids and wants what's best for kids.  Yes I like to use the word "kids"!  I believe in treating students like they are a part of your family.  WE are all family at RVISD.   Important component of a strong family is healthy relationships.  It is critical to educate our students first with a foundation based on strong relationships.  Quoting one of my heroes Flip Flippen, "If you have their hearts, you will have their mind."  I truly believe in focusing on the heart of the child first!  

Finally when I'm asked what my standard is for Rio Vista ISD, my answer is simply, I expect RIO VISTA ISD to be ELITE!  What does ELITE mean?  It's a mind set of holding everyone to a higher standard including myself.  I expect students to work harder in the classroom and on the field than any other student in the state.  I expect teachers to teach our students on an ELITE level each and every day!  I expect our administration to go above and beyond for staff and kids by being effective leaders and to have a servant mindset that provides support to all.  I expect myself to be an ELITE Superintendent that helps to create a Long-term vision for RVISD that provides a pathway for all students and staff to be ELITE!  I expect myself to serve the students, staff, and community in a way that meets their specific needs.  Being ELITE doesn't mean you think you're better than someone else and it's not about records.  It's about knowing that everyone at Rio Vista will do whatever it takes for our kids to be successful in the classroom, in their extracurricular activity, and in life.  This include students, staff and community.  If we all have this same goal, success will come! 


Paul Ryan
Rio Vista ISD Superintendent