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Financial Transparency

Rio Vista Independent School District is committed to providing transparency and open government to its citizens. Our goal is to provide a clear picture of the District’s Budget and Finances by sharing the financial information below.

This section is meant to provide taxpayers with additional information to ensure that we are being transparent with the District's finances.  By opening our books to the public, taxpayers can see exactly where their money is going. 

Provided in this section are:

Annual Budget - Approved budgets for the last five years and the proposed budget for the upcoming year.

Annual Financial Report - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the last five years.  This report is the annual audited financial statements.

Check Register - The check register including all operating checks written, all outgoing wire transfers and summaries of payroll.

Tax Information - Local tax rates and truth in taxation summary.

Bonded Debt - Bonded debt pledge, debt outstanding, future maturity schedules and most recent bond ratings