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Upward Bound

Upward Bound has switched to an entirely online digital platform! Since spring break, we have been continuing to provide our student's services virtually! These services include:

Online Tutoring: Our students continue to have access to all of our tutors for help with any assignments or studying. The tutors offer assistance in every core subject and are available for appointments daily.

Online Advising Sessions: Our students are also able to book appointments for assistance in any college guidance or preparation related topics with our tutors or our staff who are also available daily.

Live-stream College Readiness Workshops: Every MWF we offer live-stream workshops educating our students over an array of college readiness topics. Students can tune in live or watch later on our website.

Live-stream Virtual Campus Tours: Every Tuesday/Thursday, we offer live-stream virtual tours over a variety of college/university campuses all over Texas! Students can also tune in live or watch later on our website.

Online Digital Clubs: This is our newest addition! Students can select from a variety of club options that fits their interests (EX: Cooking Club, Robotics Club, Art Club) and join their peers with a staff club leader in weekly meetings. In each club, students receive a box of supplies straight to their home and participate in academically engaging and fun hands-on activities!

Within all these opportunities offered above, students can also earn their monthly stipends! Here is a link to our website where you can check these things out in more detail if you'd like: