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Cook Children's

Cook Children’s School Based Virtual Health Program

Cook Children’s Physician Network is excited to be working with your child's school district to offer parents and students a new option for pediatric care. Through high definition telemedicine video and communications equipment, the school nurse can connect with a Cook Children’s pediatric provider for quick assessment and treatment to care for your child while at school.


How does the program work?

With the parent’s permission, a student may be evaluated by a board certified pediatrician or certified nurse practitioner through a telemedicine conference. The school nurse will quickly evaluate the student in person. With the parent’s permission, the school nurse can connect with a Cook Children’s pediatrician or nurse practitioner. The Cook Children’s provider will complete an assessment of the student to include input from the school nurse and participating parent or legal guardian during the visit.

The school nurse will assist the provider during the evaluation through the use of special equipment as needed. The provider can hear the student’s heart and lungs with a digital stethoscope. The provider can closely examine the student’s ears, throat, rash, or abrasions with a high definition camera. Upon completion of the evaluation, the provider will give instructions for follow-up care and submit an order to your pharmacy of choice for prescription medications, if needed. A record of your child’s visit will be kept in the student’s medical record at Cook Children’s for future reference. A copy of the visit summary will also be sent to your child’s primary care physician. The parent or legal guardian will have access to all treatment information through the Cook Children’s online health record portal.


What are examples of conditions that could be treated?

Examples of conditions that could be treated by telemedicine are:

∙ Earaches

∙ Fever

∙ Coughs and colds

∙ Rashes and minor skin infections

∙ Abrasions and scrapes 

∙ Strep throat and Influenza 

∙ Headaches

∙ Pinkeye

There are medical needs that will require an in person evaluation by a medical provider. You may be asked to schedule an appointment with your child’s primary care physician directly if evaluation by telemedicine isn’t sufficient for diagnosis.


How do I enroll my child for the program?

You can register electronically using this on-line link: Cook Children's- Register Here


What is the cost of the program?

Cook Children’s will bill your visit to the insurance payor you provide. Any copay or amount that is not covered will be billed to you after the visit. Payments can be made on-line by accessing your child's Cook Children's MyChart account.

Patients with Medicaid and CHIP are covered at 100% after copay.