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The Teachers Retirement System website provides an abundance of information for active, terminated, and retired school district employees. TRS is the best place to start when trying to find information retirement eligibility, beneficiary designations for your retirement account, purchasing service credit, amongst many other things.


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  • Answer:

    This is what every regular full-time and part-time employee must pay each payroll that contributes towards funding the retiree medical program.

  • Answer:

    0.65% of gross wages

  • Answer:

    This is money taken from every regular full-time and part-time employee that goes into your actual retirement account with TRS.

  • Answer:

    The percentage taken from each paycheck effective 9/1/2021, 8.0% is deducted. You cannot change the percentage withdrawn as this is state mandated.

  • Answer:

    All part-time employees, including substitute teachers, as well as all full-time employees hired after April 1, 1986, must pay the Medicare tax of 1.45 percent on total gross earnings less any pre-tax cafeteria benefits.