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Transfer Procedures

Transfer Procedures

Students that do not live within the district's attendance zone may gain entrance into RVISD with proper credentials as a transfer student.  If you move into the district - you are no longer considered a transfer student; you are a resident student.  Do NOT complete the transfer form if you have moved into the district.


Parents of ALL new transfer students must complete the transfer student form, which is listed at the bottom of this page.  

Transfer applications are only reviewed during open enrollment periods.  Parents of prospective transfer students may fill out the transfer form at any time.  Parents of prospective transfer students must complete the transfer form (linked below) appropriate to their child's campus and submit the student’s grades, attendance, discipline and state testing records to the following email address:

The campus administrator responsible for your child's grade level will contact you for an interview.  Parents of prospective transfer students must provide documentation of their child's academic, discipline, and attendance records to the registration email prior to the meeting.  Because of legislative requirements, STAAR/EOC scores must also be provided for review.  

If academic, attendance, or discipline records are not acceptable or the grade level is at or near capacity, the student's transfer application may be placed on a waiting list.  Those not accepted are encouraged to reapply at the end of each semester.

Students recommended for acceptance as a transfer student will meet with a district administrator in order to review and discuss the following documents and information:

  1. Transfer agreement/expectations;
  2. School calendar and bell schedule; and
  3. Student registration process

Central administration will communicate all final decisions to campus principals as well as students, who shall receive a Reasonable Letter of Assurance.


Parents of ALL returning transfer students do not have to complete the transfer student form; however, their status is dependent upon class sizes and upholding all the requirements in the transfer agreement document.  

Returning transfer students that have not upheld the terms of the transfer agreement may have their transfer status revoked or be placed on probation. 

Fall Enrollment Window:  March - May

Interviews to be conducted April - June

Spring Enrollment Window:  October - November

Interviews to be conducted October - December

Mid-year prospective students could possibly be admitted for the Spring semester with proper credentials and capacity.


At the 9 week grading period(s), grades, discipline, and attendance records will be reviewed by campus administration.  Any time that a student’s transfer agreement terms are not upheld, the student is in jeopardy of having their transfer status revoked or being placed on probation.  

All parents will sign an agreement acknowledging these terms.