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  • 5 Scholarships for Students with Learning Disabilities
Getting into, paying for, and navigating through college is rarely easy. For students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities (LD), that struggle can take on even more dimensions.
Learning-related issues such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) often lead to difficulties in traditional classrooms and on standardized tests; if scholarship applications look foremost at test scores and GPAs, it can mean that LD students lose out. Fortunately, there are resources and scholarships out there that can help.
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Scholarship Websites:

  • American Geological Institute Geoscience Scholarship
  • Americorps
  • Brand Essay Competition
  • Gateways to US Government Grants
  • Imagine International Students Scholarships & AidHelp
  • Lucent Technology
  • National Alliance for Excellence
  • Presidential Freedom
  • The Harry S. Truman Scholarship
  • Tylenol Scholarships

Scholarships for women:

Scholarships for minorities:

  • Hispanic College Fund
  • Hispanic Scholarship Guide
  • Center for Student Opportunity

Scholarships for children of military personnel:


MENSA Education & Research Foundation

Charles, Lela and Mary Slough Foundation Scholarship

The American Legion – Several different scholarships available

If you are attending college in Austin, College Station, or Denton, Texas

WACE – Advancing cooperative & work-integrated education

Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarships

Heritage Assembly Essay Scholarship