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Bond 2022


2022 Bond Updates 




1.Elementary building renovation and addition, including storm shelter. 

2.Safety and Security on all buildings (This project is being funded by Safe and Security Grant Funds.)

3.Dressing rooms for all High School students (new field house) and all Middle School Students (remodel old field house). 

4.CTE Building Addition to be used for assembly of Ag. Projects.

5.Agriculture Facilities - New small animal facility.

6.Infrastructure upgrades such as replacing old sewer lines, upgrade lighting, replacing old HVAC systems,

lighting, and remodel of certain classrooms for 21st century learning.



Phase 1

Elementary Addition and Remodel

14 new classrooms

Remodel old facilities so the entire elementary looks new.


Phase 2 

Elementary Gym/Storm Shelter

1400 people can take shelter in this Storm Shelter

All levels including Youth Association, Middle School, and High School can use this gym for competitions. 



Phase 3

Multipurpose Facility/Field House

New Dressing rooms for HS girls and boys and new weight room



Facility Upgrades and Repairs

The primary need was to address major needs regarding sewer lines and water lines to our oldest buildings. 

Other upgrades have been addressed through the scope of Phase 1 and Phase 3



New Addition Front Library
New Addition Front
New Addition Framing pic 1
New Addition Framing
New Addition Framing pic 2
New Addition Framing Front
New Addition Framing pic 3
New Addition Framing Inside
Front Entry Addition
Front Entry
Library Addition pic 1
Library 1
Library Addition pic 2
Library 2
Framing Addition
Ceiling Grid
Addition pic 1
Bricking Progress 1
Addition pic 2
Bricking Progress 2
Jones Gym
Gym Walls